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Skeleton Key Necklace – Antique Gunmetal Silver Key

This antique skeleton key necklace was made with a key I found in the tiny Colorado mining town of Leadville.

I have always collected skeleton keys. Having a fascination with them as a child, I was always drawn to the prospect of gaining entry to any room in any house, mysteriously, with something called a “skelton key”. My brother had a long slender key who’s shape could be changed and locked into place to achieve such a task .. that is were the locks in our house early 20th century locks.

Although most of my collection, like this one, are not technically “skeleton keys” – the name has stuck with any antique key and luckily so, who wants to call a cool old key like this a “lever lock” key? Skeleton, that is the word we use around here.

Necklace is: dark brass or pewter antique skeleton key, silver chain with black waxed linen laced ‘tween.… Read the rest


New products: map tiles, vintage jewelry and metal prints

I have a lot of work lately so although I opened up the site to the public, I haven’t had time to add to the mere 40 products in the store. By the time I’m done with my day job, I have no daylight to take photos of my new items! Last night though, I finally got a little light, enough for a few new handmade jewelry items, vintage jewelry pieces and accessories.

Several new Map tiles were added – places more obscure than Paris and Boston at the moment. I always like the places less trampled myself and there is plenty of “Paris” memorabilia out there already.
Some of the new places include: Trinidad, Cyprus, Bogota, Caracas, Rhodes and Puerto Madryn Argentina.

I also added quite a few vintage pieces I’ve been collecting over the years. Pieces from my Skeleton Key collection and several original and rare pieces I’ve found in the darkest corners of antique shops around the country. My Skeleton Keys are many, so there will be more pieces over time and I have tons of vintage jewelry that I will be reworking over the next few weeks and adding to the shop.

Check out some of the new vintage additions here.… Read the rest