I found out about Batmobile, and my love for Rockabilly and Psychobilly, by a sort of fluke. I was a broke teen, hanging out at a local Spokane, Washington pawn shop where they were selling CD’s out of their case, covered in scratches for .29 cents. I bought Ziggy Stardust, a Batmobile album and a local band called Threshold which I later found out was fronted by my best friend’s guitar teacher. One of my favorite CD’s is still that Batmobile CD and another that is a colleciton of tributes to their songs. Batmobile is a Norwegian band that formed in 1983 and is still putting out split eps and vinyl to this day. Respect!
I went and saw the Reverend Horton Heat recently, my second psycobilly love, and although they did perform some of their much loved classics, they are seriously taking a turn for the folk, which I respect but must say is not my favorite style of theirs.

Enjoy true Psychobilly Freakout!
Sorry there are no real videos for this song and only one live video from 1986 with poor sound but great visuals.

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