Caving Arizona Lava TubeWe went for a hike this Sunday in a .7 mile lava tube cave here in Northern Arizona. At first I didn’t care to go, we’ve been caving a couple times, once for real – like “helmets, mud, hands and knees, mile underground” real, so the idea of just walking through a large opening in the ground, likely lifeless and featureless, didn’t sound as great as going to the desert and just wandering around or watching movies at home. After I read a little more about it we did decide to go and had a great time aside from not being sure if at the other end was an exit or a dead end. It was a dead end – but, we tried not to  be annoyed and took a break.  The surface of the lava cave was mostly rough and uneven, some parts were so low you had to squat or crawl for a good 30 feet, taking a toll on unused muscles. There were iridescent mineral deposits on the ceiling that looked like stars on a pitch black night. No bats, no salamanders, no blind spiders, no pools of sulfuric acid – maybe preferential for some caving beginners or arachnophobes.

Lava Tube Sparkle Ceiling



I got in some new metallic prints!

Robot Man

It’s nearly impossible to photograph what a metallic print looks like, I’ve looked all over for a good example but no luck. You sort of have to see it or use your imagination. Photos of metallic prints just look a little blurry due to the shiny nature of the photo. In general, metallic prints have a sort of pearlescent, metallic sheen with sharp blacks and bright whites. Compared to a regular black and white print it’s like comparing an opal to quartz. Of course, Metallic prints aren’t for every photo, but I can’t imagine my “Robot Man, Recoleta” on anything else (though it would look great on plain black and white also, robots and metal just chime!).

This week will be spent trying to add some photo inventory to the shop and give many of them the option of metallic paper. All prints printed 16×20 or larger will have the option of adding a metal print to the image, metal print being that the images is printed on a sheet of wall art quality metal (see previous post).

Please feel free to email me at any time about a print you want to see in the shop or a special size request – [email protected]



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