New products: map tiles, vintage jewelry and metal prints

September 24, 2013

I have a lot of work lately so although I opened up the site to the public, I haven’t had time to add to the mere 40 products in the store. By the time I’m done with my day job, I have no daylight to take photos of my new items! Last night though, I finally got a little light, enough for a few new handmade jewelry items, vintage jewelry pieces and accessories. Several new Map tiles were added – places more obscure than Paris and Boston at the moment. I always like the places less trampled myself and there is plenty of “Paris” memorabilia out there already.…

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Store Back Online and Our 2 Month Vacation!

June 12, 2013

So, it wasn’t exactly a vacation but it was a lot like one. We went to the UK to visit family for 72 days and saw as many sights as possible whenever we weren’t working. We had weekday mornings to roam around thanks to the time difference, and weekends we roamed even further. We took 2 weeks off while there, one to road trip around Southwest England and Wales, and one week in Barcelona, officially one my of favorite cities! See more about our travels at nerdsontheroad.com Over the next few months the store will start popping up with new UK and Barcelona themed items, using images from…

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Love-A-Bull Pit Bull Necklace – 100% to Charity

January 24, 2013

Each Pit Bull necklace costs just $5.00 a piece, all of which will go to the Pit bull Rescue Central , where they support both education and rescue efforts for Pit bulls. Necklace is: 17″ cord, lobster and chain clasp. Every year, I donate when I can or have a monthly membership to one of the many Animal Welfare charities out there. This year I choose Peta monthly, while my boyfriend has been donating to the ASPCA. No matter what the charity or its reputation, they help animals and that’s what I care about. Whether bears in Indonesia or a Burro Rescue in Greece, I will donate. This year in…

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Holiday Vacation Over – Back to work with you!

January 7, 2013

We had the longest holiday vacation we’ve ever had in all our years on the road and living in Portland. We decided sort of last minute, which is our way, to go to Durango Colorado. It’s right at the southern most tip of the Rocky Mountains and since we have been missing Colorado since last winter, we were looking forward to some cold mountain town fun. We stayed at the Residence Inn Mariott, one of the nicer places in town and the only one that seemed to be ok with us bringing our cat (she goes everywhere with us naturally). The room was awesome. Full kitchen, bedroom, living…

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Dabeno Crow – Origins

December 4, 2012

Welcome to the shop! Dabeno Crow is, at the moment, entirely the works of designer, Katya Laroche – cat lover, photographer, speaker of spanish, creatively mad and philosophically confusing. Every artist and crafter wants to make a living at what they enjoy and I’m no different in that regard. I’ve used many different methods of marketing my stuff, most recently Etsy, and found that I felt like I was merely blending in with the masses of artists and crafters struggling to do the same thing. I thought about one advantage I might have over other stores, after all, there are lots of custom jewelry makers and lots of…

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