I made my first British style Christmas Cake this winter – 2 months of soaking mostly dried fruit in brandy and lots and lots of patience. When it was finally time to prep it for eating, the day before Christmas, we cut it in half (because it was fairly huge) and covered one side with apricot jam, stacking the other side on top. Then came the rolling of the ‘tough as fingernails’ marzipan into a sheet which we vaguely laid over the top of the cake. Lastly, we spent hours of looking for the perfect vegan Royal Icing recipe. We never really got the icing right but nevertheless the cake was amazing and took us another month to finish – mostly due to its uncontrollable sweetness.

The best thing about the cake was probably that we never had to refrigerate it once yet it was always soft and fresh tasting (for dried fruit), and sweet as a sponge cake in a Boston molasses flood. We just covered it with some tinfoil and stored it in a cupboard. Because you traditionally make the things in winter, there’s less chance of attracting bugs as well.

Effort on the Christmas cake was high and these brain foods are no different. We all know that most good things take work, and the chase is only half the battle – preparing a good brain is an art.

Zombie Marzipan Cupcakes

Zombie Marzipan Cupcakes

Zombie Girl Cake – Holding BRAIN!

Mini Brain Bites

brain candy

and last but not least, something you probably can’t make, but can buy and serve up after dinner to creep out your family.
Gummy Brains

Get it here for $9.99

Remember to eat a balanced Zombie diet to keep from eating your loved ones as long as zombily possible.

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