Each Pit Bull necklace costs just $5.00 a piece, all of which will go to the Pit bull Rescue Central , where they support both education and rescue efforts for Pit bulls.

Necklace is: 17″ cord, lobster and chain clasp.

Every year, I donate when I can or have a monthly membership to one of the many Animal Welfare charities out there. This year I choose Peta monthly, while my boyfriend has been donating to the ASPCA. No matter what the charity or its reputation, they help animals and that’s what I care about. Whether bears in Indonesia or a Burro Rescue in Greece, I will donate.

This year in addition to my monthly donations I wanted to raise a little money with some jewelry. The necklaces are basic but quality, and would be especially awesome gifts for an animal loving child in your life.  I went with 2 designs, “Don’t Shop, Adopt” – a classic phrase that needs no explanation, and “Love-A-Bull”. Pit bulls have been a part of my life since I was a kid (along with blue heelers, wolf hybrids and miniature dachshunds) and when I was 18 and had a place of my own, I adopted a pit bull of my own, probably one of the breeds that needs adopting the most due to its horribly wrong reputation. After a few years of being a pit bull owner, I started the website www.antibsl.com, where I could help educate people about pit bulls, their misuse and societies misguided punishment (punish the deed, not the breed). I had that dog for 13 years, she had a tough last few years of diabetes and cushings but is the spokes-dog of antibsl.com and her face adorns the chests of the hundreds of people who have bought t-shirts from that website – spreading the word, defending the breed. So, although I no longer have a dog, I will continue to defend pit bulls.

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