No, it’s not a movie, it’s something you can take with you everywhere.

Since it’s Presidents’ Day, and I personally like our president (for the first time in a very long time) I wanted to share the Zombie love in a presidential way!

I’m excited to say that this Tee is awesome in more ways than one.  With the up coming releases of Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – why not Obama vs Zombies?  Well, keep the dream alive with this awesome portrayal of Barack “The Fist” Obama fighting a rather nasty looking, able bodied Zombie!

Made by Tina Sea Monster of Etsy, this and other Zombie gems can be found in her shop:

Obama vs Zombies by Tina Sea Monster

For those of you on the “funny” side of the Zombie scenario, why not a good laugh: This vinyl record airbrush painting would make a great clock in my opinion (just head down to Home Depot ,- I know you Zurvivors have an account there) – and is only $25.  Check it out at: AceTroy‘s store

Obama laughing at zombies



  1. I think the whole love for zombies will fade smietmoe in the future but not necessarily right now. It’s a booming genre so of course it’s going to be exploited, the only problem is I love zombie material. I’m actually happy this is happening right now. It’s kinda like the superhero genre exploding right now. I’m a big fan of both and I couldn’t be happier but will enjoy the time when they take a back seat to whatever is popular down the line. It’s just like how in the 90’s slasher films were coming back. Zombies are in the spotlight right now but it will fade. One day we can all say we’re unique again for liking zombies.

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