Beetle Necklace – Volkswagen in Mexico Glass Tile


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This delicate square glass tile necklace overlays a popular photo of mine, “Mexibug”, of a beetle me and some friends walked by in Cuernavaca Mexico. While one of my friends was inside flirting with a girl who worked at the office next door, I had time to take a photo of this great beetle and building with my Lomo Smena camera (old russian camera).

Colorful and bright, this image is eye catching while in a subtle and precious placement behind the glass tile. It can be difficult to take a photo of a photo behind a piece of glass so please know that the image will look clear and crisp behind the glass to the human eye.

Chain has a twist clasp, especially easy for putting on the necklace without help.

The back of the necklace is adorned with a piece of vintage dictionary paper.

Necklace is: 24in chain, original photo, twist clasp and rounded teardrop glass tile.

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