Domestic Bliss, Lady Legs in Film Noir – Teardrop Glass Necklace


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This delicate teardrop shaped glass necklace overlays a popular photo of mine, “Domestic Bliss”, of a film noir style lady sitting cross legged on a couch. The photo is from a short film me and some classmates did, a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds where the birds come out of the fireplace. I did stills for the short as well as makeup.

This image is crisp and eye catching in a subtle and precious placement behind the glass tile. It can be difficult to take a photo of a photo behind a piece of glass so please know that the image will look clear and crisp behind the glass to the human eye.

Chain has a twist clasp, especially easy for putting on the necklace without help.

The back of the necklace is adorned with a piece of vintage dictionary paper.

Necklace is: 24in chain, original black and white photo, twist clasp and rounded teardrop glass tile.

Domestic Bliss Teardrop Glass Necklace


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