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This vintage Walk America Pin is a rare and interesting piece. The very first Walk America (now called March of Dimes) walkathon occurred in San Antonio, Texas, on October 7, 1970, followed by similar walks in Ohio at Columbus on November 14 and Mentor (Lake County) on November 15. The weather conditions at the Columbus walkathon were depicted as “absolutely miserable [with] rain, cold and bone chilling winds, which did not abate at all during the walking period.”[citation needed] Yet the 500 walkers at Columbus pledged $64,687 to the March of Dimes, engendering a fund-raising methodology that quickly became national in scope and that perpetuated the enthusiasm of volunteers on which the foundation built its reputation. By 1974, 95% of March of Dimes chapters participated in the event, accounting for more than $14 million in revenue. Successful walkers received the Order of the Battered Boot certificate for their participation, and the foundation created a film, The Big Walk (1973), to document and promote the event. The boot pins all had sponsors on them though I can’t actually read the sponsor on this pin. It seems to be a defect in printing because the enamel is fine, so it is a bit of a rarity! (defects are usually desirable in collectibles)

Pin is about 3/4 of an inch tall.


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sugarskull65 says:
I couldn’t love this necklace any more if it were deep fried and covered in powdered sugar. Thank you so much.

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Again, thanks for the fascinating picture. Brilliant!

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Awesome earrings! Great price, fast shipping!


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