“I AM THE LAW” Says Stalone, dressed from head to toe in futuristic bulletproof plastics. Hes Judge Dredd, and Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The society in Judge Dredd may not have been under attack by Zombies but it was broken none the less. As the group of TWD degrades into desperation, their decisions become less rational, and not just on a small scale. Almost the entire group is missing the point of surviving.

Dale brought up several more than valid points in his argument against killing the kid but an almost contagious fear and loss of faith in mankind has corrupted even Glenn, possibly most empathetic and friendly member of the group.
It’s understandable why they thought the kid might be a threat but had they given him a chance in the beginning and maybe played nice, say.. something like.. “we’re your friends, we saved you, they left you behind, tell us everything so we can protect ourselves”, rather than shoving him in a trunk, torturing him and putting a gun to his head…now in the case of his escape (impending) he will certainly run off to his group giving the “Rick” group the finger and bringing upon them a hailstorm of shit. I would rather face a group who felt the need to leave me behind than stay with a group who took a week deciding to shoot me in the head or not. Someone who leaves you for dead is better than someone who plays “judge, jury and executioner”.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11

Once again, the episode disappointed me with its female characters. I can’t think of any character I would like to see die more than Lori. She kneels below Rick, holding on to his leg like the cover of some cheap hero novel while at the same time being an irresponsible wanabe tiger mom. She pretends protection is her number one concern yet lets her son walk off by himself. She’s weak minded, passive and gets off on Ricks constant power trips.

Andrea is somewhat holding her own as a member of the group and is probably the most capable of accepting the penalties that come from some of her unbridled opinions. She is the least worried about what the group thinks of her, after Daryl and Dale, and I’m hoping to see her step it up even more in future episodes. I appreciate that she’s willing to listen to Dale’s argument and change her mind about the kid’s execution, amidst the disagreement of everyone else in the group. Although she is also losing her humanity a little with the rest of the group, she still stands as an opinionated person who is willing to hear all sides and remain objective, unlike Lori, who agrees because of some kind of “loyalty” to her husband as she would probably put it, or apathetic like the other passive and weak women characters.

My favorite part of this episode is seeing Rick and Carl learn. When Rick was about to shoot the outsider, and Carl walked into the barn with a smile, telling his dad to “do it”, Dale’s warnings about what he was teaching his son screamed deafeningly in his power tripping ears. Rick was embarrassed, humbled and hopefully slapped in the face with a fist full of self realization. Maybe he’s not always right? Maybe he’s no better as handling this or any situation than Glenn, Dale or Hershel.. or, Andrea? Maybe he is human afterall, like he was when he woke up in that hospital a confused, trusting and desperate man looking for his wife and son? He has turned into a raised eyebrow know it all walking hard-on and I enjoy seeing him knocked down peg.

Carl learned his lesson loud and clear when he basically realized it was his fault Dale died. He had been learning so many bad lessons from his father, he played with his own life and the lives of the group. Walking off by himself (good job mom), feeling untouchable and cocky, he teased a walker and nearly lost his life. Embarrassed, his told no one, but the consequences were still to come and I have a feeling either his guilt will eat him up and risk the group even further or he will become much less of a bastard. Either way, it’s interesting to see a child character develop so many complexities. It’s no coincidence that the female child never had such a role. The Walking Dead is an amazingly chauvinistic show considering it’s portraying a situation where playing an active roll in protecting the group would in reality be much more important than washing the dishes or being agreeable and “out of the way”. The women should be as prepared to defend and protect as any man or boy. They are as physically capable of running and shooting a gun as anyone, and in reality, not being able to do so would really just make you a liability.

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