Robert Carlyle in 28 Weeks Later
Robert Carlyle in 28 Weeks Later

When I saw 28 Days Later I was scared half to death and liked it, but my whole basis for “zombies” was awry and I couldn’t decide if I liked it of not. My favorite part was after the credits, for those who stuck around, when the fate of the supposed escapees becomes “grim” to put it lightly but I still couldn’t accept that zombies could run fast or perform tasks. I grew up watching Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead types movies and thinking of zombies in a sort of supernatural yet somehow scientifically accurate way. My mind was hooked on the idea that once a body has been dead for any amount of time, the lack of blood flow to the brain means brain damage, and of course the longer it’s been dead the worse the brain damage – so zombies should be slow and stupid. 28 Days Later turned zombies into dangerous, rabid, running faster than you hell freaks, which was.. hard for me to accept.

By the time I saw 28 Weeks Later, and all the zombie movies in between (especially the comedies) I had loosened my definition of “Zombie” quite a bit, especially since, who the hell really knows exactly how it would go down if it were even possible. There are so many damn scenarios.. it’s really all just fun right (or is it!). Well anyway, I pulled the stick out of my..ahem, fingernail, and 28 Weeks Later is now one of my favorite ‘serious’ zombie movies and Robert Carlyle is probably one of the biggest reasons.

I’ve always been a fan of his movies, even if I had to explain to people “you know, the guy from The Full Monty” or, “The guy who busts a pint over a guys head in Train Spotting“, because he’s never had all that huge of parts in main stream movies until the last few years (some lesser known movies like Formula 51 and Plunkett & Macleane ), and if you’re not into british movies (which I am) you might not know him that well. Robert Carlyle helped me accept that which I cannot change, gave me the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference – about Zombies. Thanks Robert.

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