Aside from the Mexico City Zombie Walk that happened in early February, this may be the earliest Zombie walk of the year in a major city. Its the 6th Annual Springtime NYC Zombie Crawl and you know you want to go.
Even if you don’t live in a major city it might be worth visiting just to see something as huge as a Zombie Walk of this magnitude. A collection of undead larger than most town’s entire population, stumbling down the street in search of brains and terrifying the living. The October Zombie Walk in NYC is prospectively larger still, but the Springtime NYC Zombie Crawl is still worth a go if you have hometown Halloween plans.
I would love an excuse like this to return to NYC but alas, by late May, I’ll be visiting England.

If you can make it, it will be yet another great one! Most Zombie Walks make you wait till October so this might fulfill your TWD jonesing for a little while.

Footage from 2012

Springtime Zombie Crawl Brooklyn

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