Briiiaaaaan the ZombieZombie Freakfest is a major work in progress but I hope to find lots of time to take advantage of the endless stream of Zombie cultural information available on the internet.

Some of the things Zombie Freakfest will feature:

  • Honoring famous Zombie Actors from all our favorite Zombie movies.
  •  Zombie Walk information and schedules from around the world.
  • Zombie recipes, or something like them.
  • Zombie crafters, t-shirt, toy and art makers and their wares.
  • Fun Zombie things to do, places to eat and  places to see.
  • Tales of Zombie uprising preparedness, scenarios, comics and other short stories.
  • Zombie LOLs, because Zombies can LOL with the best of them.

We are looking for contributors as you can imagine so email [email protected] with any stories, info, events or Zombie products/crafts/art you make. We love it!

  1. I love it!

    E Stelling

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