A gun range and training center in Denver, Colorado offered consumers concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse a chance to learn some important life saving skills. The offer was available as a Zozi coupon promotion lat month here, giving people from all walks of life a chance to be a hero, then the time comes.

Unfortunately the coupon for 505 off is sold out but, it’s in Denver anyway right.

What they teach you:

  • Get real life handgun training – zombie apocalypse style.
  • Earn a concealed handgun certification in a safe environment.
  • Spend 5 hours in class followed by 3 hours on the firing range.
  • Focus on specific defense skills in case of zombie invasion.
  • Practice accuracy on zombie targets; king of the class gets living-dead themed prizes.

About the promo:

“So you’ve got cardio going on, a kick-butt partner, and when in doubt you know your way out. But if the zombie apocalypse comes calling, you’ve still got one thing missing: the ability to take zombies down. With this experience from Precisions Skills, let blood and gore motivate you into becoming the best marksman you can be with a handgun while earning your permit to carry a concealed weapon. In this eight-hour course, focus on firearm handling and shooting safely (plus maintenance and operations), tips and tricks to carrying a concealed weapon in the real world, and then hit the firing range to unleash a blood-bath on the undead (paper targets, of course). Wrap up with competition between students for the most head-shots to the zombie targets; winner takes a living-dead themed prize home. Should hostile zombies become widespread and a general assault on humanity crops up, after this class you’ll be prepared. Just make sure you’ve stockpiled Twinkies, too – those things never go bad.”
zozi zombie fighters coupon

The company is Ancillary|One (formerly Precision Skills), a full-service firm specializing in offensive, defensive, and life-saving training for the prepared civilian and security professional. Whether you are interested in training as a professional, for personal protection, home defense, recreation, or competition – here is where to start. Our organization is rapidly expanding and has provided hundreds of students with valuable insight on personal protection and safety.

In the future, maybe we can expect to see more companies taking the reins and training people for the impending zombie uprising*.
*Speculative uprising…

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