During our travels we lived off-grid in the Everglades for a time fall of 2010.  It was a great experience that at first we weren’t sure we were ready for, but we ended up staying a month out there in the wilds with no complaints. We managed to get 3G from the nearby cities in order to work on our computers, used our generator to charge our 6 deep cell batteries, propane or BBQ for cooking and carried our own water from a nearby public spout. We showered in the rain and sat outside in our tent with all the covers off (mosquito screens on). The weather was mild and breezy most days and our pets laid in the sun or hunted small lizards. Basically, it was a post Z-Day dream.

Eventually though, as in inevitable, we desired a hot shower, maybe some crappy TV, you know.. the things we take for granted every day. We decided to check out Miami and have some “up time”. I was interested to see Little Havana and what was so special about Miami beach (nothing btw), and while trying to find Little Havana, we saw from the highway a group of buildings completely covered in street art. The main piece that drew me in being by an Argentine artist whose work I have followed since I stumbled upon some of their work in a magazine when I lived in Argentina (Sonni Adrian). He had moved to Miami a year ago, and I knew (because I’m a stalker), but was surprised when I saw a building sized boombox that was unmistakably his style  (see original post here w/more photos).  We never found Little Havana, but after spending a couple hours walking around looking at all the amazing street art, much of it from artists whose work I had seen before I didn’t care at all.

One of my favorite pieces was this Zombie girl, unfinished but still awesome. She photographs her victims before she eats them (my theory) haha. I found some other Zombie pieces for the first installment of a bi monthly blog featuring zombie honoring street art.

Zombie girl - Miami
Taken by me Lost Kat in Miami Florida, Fall 2010.

Edinburgh Zombie


Taken by duncan c in Edinburgh

Zombie Attack – Barcelona

Zombie Attack
Taken by Roger Mateo Poquet

Zombie Horde Wellington

zombie art
Taken by Rodney Farrant

Mind Blowing Zombie

Mind blowing #zombie #graffiti #sanclemente #bandit
Taken by Darin McClure

  1. Another zombie movie that I cndoiser a genre innovator is the French film Les Revenants (They Came Back). This was creepy in a whole different way and built up a paranoid tension all the way through, though much of the action was quiet and unstated. At the same time there’s a hard thread of utter sadness strung through the film that finally peaks right at the end. At the end of zombie movies, no one is ever the same again, but in this particular film, that means an completely different thing. This was so unlike every other zombie movie that I didn’t recognize it as one the first time I saw it.Gotta love the French.

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