This video caught my eye because of all the work that was put into making a mini Zombie movie during the song. It may not feature professional actors, or professional cartoons like last weeks video of the week, but the bloodiness and effort are an easy B+ in my book.

I will however not promise that you will like the music itself, in fact, for most people I’ll warn you now to turn your volume down. Me, I don’t mind the noise – Drowns out the screaming in my head.

See more of their videos visit Scapegoat Rock on youtube.

  1. Zombie films are also cool because you can dsetroy zombies and smash them up. And then say: I had to! To save my life. To free them from that contorted existence . . . Killing zombies is basically letting out the destructive urge which we have to repress in civil society. Also those films like Saw etc, they’re not even properly scary. They just thrive on the anguish you feel by placing yourself in those characters as they’re slowly torn limb from limb by acid, eating glass or feeding it to others, or getting locked and impaled into some coffin. It’s some sort of biological stress it conjures up and it has little to do with the mysterious forces unsetteling us as they dwell on the edge of the cosmos and in abandoned landhouses. That photo cracks me up! With the kid and the rabbit holding him.

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